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      Webinar Invitation: Building Strong Hospital Digital Experiences with Connective DX and Johns Hopkins

      January 17th 2019

      Hear the top findings from this year’s Hospital Digital Index (HDX-15) Research Report, and catch a guest appearance by Aaron Watkins, who leads digital strategy at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

      Ctomer strategy foundation: SEC analysis determines how ctomers buy

      January 3rd 2019

      Knowing whether buyers conduct consideration with complete, partial or minimal information about the qualities of goods they seek is an essential starting point for ctomer experience strategy. This post describes this technique and dynamics buyers encounter in considering purchasing each type of goods.

      Webinar Invitation: Building Strong Digital Experiences with Connective DX and Mayo Clinic

      December 17th 2018

      One of fun parts of writing an annual benchmark report on the digital strength of some of the best hospitals in the U.S., is the chance it gives me to get to know some great digital and innovatiobn teams, and the stories behind the work featured in my coverage.. Please join me for a free educational webinar on January 9th, when Lee Aase of Mayo Clinic and I will discs this year’s HDX-15 report and their work as a innovative healthcare leaders.

      China Now Has Non-Staffed Minute Clinics and Pharmacies – Time to Raise Your Innovation Goals?

      November 23rd 2018

      One of the largest insurance companies in China plans to open doctorless clinic booths at a rate of over thirty a day. That’s Ping An’s plan, come get the details and how this might inform your own transformation planning.

      Focing on Problems or Opportunities? Designing Change in a Two Tier Economy

      October 3rd 2018

      It occurs to me that opportunities by their nature are elective, they exist for you as options. Problems, however, bring consequences which carry their own pragmatic or moral consequences. Its time for my annual reminder that meaningful work goes beyond what creative briefs and statements of work call for. And that our economy is designed and can be modified to express the values of its culture.

      Framing stronger hypotheses with elaboration, iteration, and a Mad Lib

      Augt 1st 2018

      Meaningless A/B tests are pervasive becae they’re so easy to run. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Roy Rosin, the Chief Innovation Officer at Penn Medicine’s Center for Healthcare Innovation, and Ryan Summer’s of Connective DX have some ideas that can help turn your tests in to durable assets. And it starts with a MadLib.

      Half Time Report: Bitcoin Bros and Pot Stocks Trade Places, IPOs Go Nuts

      July 3rd 2018

      We’re half a year in to 2018, so check back on my call on shifting markets, bitcoin bros, and if pot stocks is a mania or opportunity. The opinions are my own, and are jt conversation, not advice.

      The Neo-Space Race is About Riches not Rockets

      June 22nd 2018

      President Trump observed that rich guys love rockets. They should, in this post I suggest three fairly immediate rewards for mastering space flight, and I suggest one company that is well positioned to supply the “picks and shovels” in this neo-space race.

      Why Some Digital Platforms Dominate: the Drivers of Network Effect

      January 25th 2018

      Uber and AirBnB are widely celebrated innovators. By thinking about how each gains advantage for network effect, I hope that we can get beyond simply recognizing the strength of their biness growth or reputation, to appreciate how their circumstances create varying levels of advantage from network effect.

      Bitcoin Bros and Anxiety at the Top of the Biness Cycle

      December 31st 2017

      Its been a remarkable year in investment, politics and culture. This is my personal take on where we’re at – and a first swing at what we can improve together in the new year. I’d love to here your thoughts and plans, and to encourage them however I can. Happy New Year.